Home Test Local Venue Ending HIV Culture Artcile

Pick up your home test kit from your local venue

Home Test Local Venue Ending HIV Culture Artcile

Pick up your home test kit from your local venue

We know that for some guys discretion is key - and we want to make sure that you can still access HIV testing even if coming into the clinic or having one sent direct to your door are not options for you. 

This is why we've partnered with Sex-On-Site venues to be able to distribute them to guys who may not visit our spaces or order our tests online. 

So far we're very excited to be distributing free HIV Home Self-Test Kits through:

Basement - Auckland

Location: 12 Canada Street (Down Drive) Newton Auckland
Monday to Wednesday - 12 noon to Midnight
Thursday - 12 noon to 1am
Friday - 12 noon to 2am
Saturday - 12 noon to 3am
Sunday - 1pm to Midnight


Centurian - Auckland

Location: 18 Beresford Square, Auckland

Sunday to Thursday - 11am to 2am
Friday and Saturday - 11pm to 6am


Guyz - Hamilton

Location: 856a Victoria Street (down the drive under the curtain studio) Hamilton

Monday - Closed
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 2pm to 10pm
Friday - 2pm to 4am
Saturday - 2pm to 4am


Diversities - Christchurch

Location: 6 Manning Place, Woolston, Christchurch 8023

Thursday - 11am to 10pm
Friday and Saturday 11am to 12am
Sunday 11am to 3pm
Monday to Wednesday 11am to 9pm


Bodyworks - Dunedin

Location: 127 Stuart St Dunedin New Zealand

Tuesday and Wednesday - 7pm to 11pm
Thursday - 2pm to 11pm
Friday - 7pm to Midnight
Saturday - 2pm to Midnight
Sunday - 3:30pm to 10 pm

HIV Home Self-Test Kits are very easy to use and we have instructions in all of the kits. We'll be working with more venues over the next while, so watch this space as we add to the list. If these ones aren't close enough for you remember you can still order a test to be delivered in discrete, plain packaging, right to your door. 

If you've never tested for HIV before or are not sure why testing is so important, head over to our testing pages to find out more.

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