Lockdown And Prep Resize

PrEP in Lockdown

Lockdown And Prep Resize

PrEP in Lockdown

So, lockdown is going to be a little longer than you first thought. You might be sitting there realising, whoops, I didn’t pick up a new PrEP prescription before we got stuck inside again. Or, maybe you’re thinking, I could probably stop taking this stuff while we shouldn’t be hooking up, right?


Want to stop taking PrEP during lockdown?

Makes sense, and it can actually be pretty simple.

If you’re a cis guy who has sex with guys, all you need to do is take PrEP pills for two more days after your last condomless sex (doesn’t matter if you have been taking it daily or as 2-1-1). This is recommended as the safest way to stop taking your PrEP. 

If you’re not a cis guy, the current guidelines are to continue taking PrEP for 28 days after your last condomless sex. 

Before you start taking PrEP again, you need to test for HIV. It would be a good idea to keep your prescriber in the loop with these decisions too, as they’re the ones keeping an eye on your results and your health in your 3-monthly visits. 

Plus! If we all get tested for HIV and other STIs before we rejoin our sexual networks after these lockdowns, there’s a chance we can break the chain of transmission for good.

How do I get PrEP at the moment? 

Getting PrEP right now could feel a bit complicated, but it is possible. 

Your GPs should still be taking appointments in some form - the first step would be to give them a ring/message and ask how these are happening at the moment. Could be virtual, or in-person with strict safety precautions. 

Pharmacies are still open, so filling prescriptions shouldn’t be a problem either. Mask up, scan in etc. like you would to visit the supermarket. The only catch could be supply could be affected by COVID, so you may want to call ahead to check they have it in stock. 

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