What Is Sweat With Pride Anyway Article Culture4

Ready? Sweat ... GO!

What is Sweat with Pride anyway? - I hear you ask.

What Is Sweat With Pride Anyway Article Culture4

Ready? Sweat ... GO!

What is Sweat with Pride anyway? - I hear you ask.

Kia ora koutou, Sweaty Betty here – fundraiser, bisexual, and local woman of not very much mystery. I’m here today as your guide to the exciting new event that is Sweat with Pride.  

Sweat with Pride is a challenge brought to you by the New Zealand AIDS Foundation. We’re asking Kiwis to exercise for 21 minutes every day this August to get fit and raise money to support Aotearoa’s Rainbow communities. You can take part alone, or as a group, and the money you raise (by asking your friends and whānau to sponsor you) will fund projects at the New Zealand AIDS Foundation and RainbowYOUTH to improve the physical and mental health of Rainbow New Zealanders. Sounds amazing, right?

The motivation for Sweat with Pride is the troubling fact that in Aotearoa, members of our Rainbow community face worse mental and physical health outcomes than their peers: 

1 in 5 of our Rainbow youth have attempted suicide

Our gay and bi guys account for almost 80% of new HIV transmissions

More than half of our Rainbow whānau have experienced mental illness

We wanted to find a way for Kiwis to take a stand against these inequities.

As I’m sure you know, working up a sweat is an important tool for keeping your mental and physical wellbeing in tip top condition! The Ministry of Health recommends exercising for at least 21 minutes a day, so Sweat with Pride is challenging Kiwis to hit this target every day for the month of August, while asking for sponsorship from friends and whānau. You’ll be improving your own health, and the money you raise will help to improve the health and wellbeing of others in our community.

Is Sweat with Pride for you?

Whether you’re 12 or 112, queer or an ally, an athlete or a proud couch potato… we need your sweat!

Sign up now

So now that you know what Sweat with Pride is and why we’re doing it, I bet you’re dying to know how to take part. Do not fear, that’s why Sweaty Betty is here!   

First of all – you don’t have to be an athlete to take part in Sweat with Pride! It’s not about pushing yourself to the limit, getting ripped, or changing your body in any way. However, if you are an athlete looking to challenge yourself, you can do that too! If you’re stuck for exercise ideas, check out the Sweat with Pride blog where we’ll be sharing exercise tips from one of our favourite internet personalities.

The first step in Sweating with Pride is to sign up, which you can do here. When you sign up, you’re creating a personalised page for people to donate to your campaign, as well as a place to track your progress and share pictures and updates with your supporters.   

The next step is to start asking for donations. Share your fundraising page and ask your friends, your whānau, your colleagues – anyone you can think of – to sponsor you as you Sweat with Pride. If this is all new to you, don’t sweat it (or do!). I’ve created a blog for fundraising newbies with my top ten tips to smash your fundraising goal.   

From there, all there’s left to do is sweat! Do your 21 minutes of exercise each day and bask in the benefits, knowing that you’re improving not only your own wellbeing but that of the whole Rainbow community. Share your progress and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook so we can see what an amazing job you’re doing.

And that’s it, a beginner’s guide to Sweat with Pride! If you have any questions about Sweat with Pride or how to take part, you can reach out any time by emailing me at [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you!

Sweaty Betty signing off - the world is your sweaty oyster, go forth and exercise.


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