How to get a Bunch of Free Condoms: a Guide

The standard fit condom we send out for free is 56mm, but we know that condoms are not a one-size-fits-all. You can request a thinner (49mm), thin (53mm) or wider (60mm) fit from us – but what if you don’t know your fit, or you need a different fit altogether?

Easy! You can order a Condom FitKit and we’ll send you nine different condoms and a guide to help you find your perfect fit.

Did you know that in New Zealand you can get heaps of different condoms on prescription?

There’s a range of different condoms that you can get on prescription from your doctor, Family Planning or your local sexual health clinic. From thin to wide to even a few flavoured options! If you find it awkward to talk to your family doctor, you can go see any doctor for this.

They will give you a prescription to take to the pharmacy, which will cost no more than $5 for up to 6 boxes full of condoms. There may be an appointment fee at your doctor or Family Planning, but if you’re under 22 and a NZ resident then Family Planning will be free.

You can also buy full-price condoms from pharmacies, supermarkets, dairies, pubs, public toilets, petrol stations, nightclubs, sex shops and online – but it’s cheaper in the long run to get them on prescription from a sexual health centre or a doctor.

Do you know your fit already and just need a few condoms? Click below to order now!

Hot Tip:

Try ringing Family Planning to talk with a nurse on the phone and they could give you a prescription for condoms, without needing to go into a clinic.

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