Love in the Time of Alert Levels 2 & 3


Love in the Time of Alert Levels 2 & 3

COVID-19 Alert Levels 3 & 4 require physical distancing and maintaining bubbles to stop the spread of the virus - which means that during these Alert Levels, you should not be meeting up with anyone for casual sex.


While COVID-19 isn't a sexually transmitted infection, being in close personal contact with another person is one of the highest risk behaviours for this virus. When you add in shared bodily fluids, it's even higher risk. 

COVID-19 is completely different from HIV and STIs and requires a totally different approach and prevention measures. Unfortunately, this means our three trusted HIV prevention strategies (condoms, PrEP and U=U) won't do anything to stop this pandemic, so here are some other ways to stay at a safe distance!


Touch of my hand

Take some advice from our favourite pop queens Britney, Gaga and Hailee and spend some time reconnecting with you (and your hand/s). You already know your favourite porn sites, so just click the bookmarks in your banner, put your fingers to your genitals and you're away! If you're the type to delete your browser history, this is a good place to start.

Masturbation 2.0

Toys can be a great way to spice up your solo sessions, while also letting you explore different things to eventually try with partners! Just remember to wash them well afterwards - especially if there's any chance someone else could be using them, as COVID-19 can live for a long time on some surfaces.

Video "chatting"

We live in a digital age, and chances are you've already tried online sex in some form, whether it's sending some sexy pictures or having a jack-off sesh on Skype. If you're missing one of your regular fuckbuddies, why not see if they're up for an online encounter instead - just be mindful of what you post online, and make sure the person on the receiving end has given their clear consent.

Is the thrill of meeting up with someone new what you're missing? Show your butthole to a willing stranger on a site like Manroulette!

F**k me through the phone

Phone sex - it's back from the 80s! Give one of your regulars a call and let them know what you'd do to them if you were in the same room.

No kissing

If you're feeling even a little bit unwell, don't kiss anyone - COVID-19 is spread through saliva so kissing has a super high risk of transmission.

Buddy system

If you're the type to meet up with lots of different people for sex, you need to reduce your numbers during this pandemic - ideally to zero. If you do have casual sex at this time, then buddying up with a small group of regular partners (and less than 10 people per hookup), is a less dangerous way to practice social distancing and reduce community transmissions. Basically, if they don't live in your house, think twice and check out our top tips on playing safer post-lockdown!

Soap those hands

If you do have sex with someone (even if it's your long-term monogamous partner) make sure you've washed beforehand. A full body shower is best to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, but at the very least you should both wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before you get started - especially if one of you has travelled to get there.

COVID-19 for people living with HIV

Following the expert international conference, CROI 2020, there remains no evidence to determine whether people living with HIV are at greater risk of acquiring the new coronavirus or developing more severe disease as a result of that infection. Read more information for PLHIV here.

Want to know more about how COVID-19 is spread? Keep updated with the CDC here.

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