The Amigo

Te Amiko

So you're the Amigo? Nice! You have a couple of options on ordering more of your perfect fit.

Loved the ones in the FitKit?

The condom you tried in the FitKit was My.Size 64. They're an awesome brand so we don't blame you for loving them! Click below to buy more.

Want some for free?

If you fill out our order form select "Large" and we will mail you six more! The ones we send may be a different brand, but they will fit just the same.

Our condoms come in an unmarked envelope so you won't have to worry about any awkward encounters.

Need heaps? 

Condoms are funded by the government in New Zealand, this means you can get up to 144 condoms for free. You just need to get a prescription from a health professional (your GP, Family Planning nurse). Check out our blog to learn more. 

Wrong Size?

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