COVID-19 Information, Updates & Resources

This page is where Ending HIV will host all relevant updates about how COVID-19 is affecting NZAF services and offices. Last updated - Thursday 26 March

Rest assured we are committed to continuing to support our communities as best we can at this time - we are offering alternatives to face-to-face services and are available via email and 0800 802 437.


Email Updates

You can sign up here to be kept informed about the status of NZAF services.


Testing services

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown, there are changes across a number of services:

  • NZAF testing centres are temporarily closed. However, you can still order an HIV self-test that you can do at home
  • Most sexual health clinics are offering reduced services and essential care only. If you want to test for HIV and other STIs, or if you are experiencing any symptoms around your genital area, please call your local Sexual Health Clinic and talk about your specific situation.
  • You can also contact your local GP / family doctor to request HIV and STI testing. Call or email ahead – in most cases appointments can be arranged remotely.



We will continue to offer counselling services remotely and counsellors are able to hold sessions via phone or video. Head to the counselling booking form to get in touch and find the best option for you.



As of Monday 23 March, NZAF's National and Regional offices have been closed. Our staff are still working remotely and NZAF can still be contacted via phone and email if you need help. 


COVID-19 and people living with HIV

Over at NZAF they also monitoring the latest understandings and medical advice on how COVID-19 might affect people living with HIV - read more here



Check out our Love In The Time Of COVID-19 blog for up to to date recommendations for keeping safe and sexy in the face of a global pandemic. 



Due to the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown, New Zealand’s health system is under significant pressure and this may impact your ability to get PrEP at this time.

  • Many sexual health clinics have temporarily suspended PrEP appointments – you should call them to check before turning up at their services.
  • You may be able to get PrEP from a GP/family doctor but you will likely need to have your appointment via phone or video.
  • To keep COVID-19 transmissions as low as possible, we are recommending not to engage in casual sex at this time. Consider whether you need PrEP during this time or can wait until the lockdown is lifted. For men who have sex with men, PrEP can be safely discontinued by taking the tablets for two consecutive days (48 hours) after your last condomless sex – it doesn’t matter if you take it daily or on-demand (2-1-1). It is important to remember that HIV testing needs to be done prior to restarting PrEP.


Staying Connected

Physical distancing doesn't need to be lonely.

Check out this blog about digital spaces for our trans and gender diverse whānau to connect with others in their community. 

If you're looking for general tips and tricks for keeping in touch and having some fun while you're at it - check out this blog about some virtual ways to socialise with your circle while we physically isolate. 

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