Make Testing a Habit

Brush twice a day, test twice a year! It’s now quick and easy to get a private & confidential HIV & STI test. Find your nearest testing centre or order a home test (with a free limited edition toothbrush).


Testing for HIV and other STIs is a normal healthy habit, just like brushing your teeth. So, when you order a HIV Home Test kit from us, you'll get a free limited edition toothbrush too!⁠

Fit Kit Ending HIV Sex Article (1)

Condom Fitkit

So you want to have sex. That's great. And you want to protect yourself. That's even better. The Condom Fitkit is the perfect resource for you.

The NZAF is passionately committed to working hand in hand with partners and the community to end HIV in New Zealand. By staying safe, testing often and treating early we can stop HIV in its tracks.

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