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Bottoming IBS Douching Ending HIV Article

Douching and Bottoming With IBS

A Guide For Troubled Bottoms by Trutha Minnelli

I-B-S. Three letters that can change a bottom's life.

For me, the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) diagnosis came as I entered my mid-twenties, a time when I should be in my prime as a hungry bottom...

HIV Oral Sex Ending HIV Sex Article

Can I get HIV from oral sex?

Blowjobs should be a great time for everyone involved, and getting rid of any misconceptions about HIV and STIs means you can enjoy the moment without worry.


Know your Kinks

Whether you're on the end of a fist, peeking through a keyhole or harnessed in all your leather glory, you'll need to negotiate consent, stay safe and look after each other.

Lingerie Kink Ending HIV Sex Article
Mouth Ending HIV Sex Article (1)


One of the sexiest organs on a man’s body, and so versatile!

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