SexToy Review: Rotating Masturbator

The sex toy that will have you spinning right round, right round.


SexToy Review: Rotating Masturbator

The sex toy that will have you spinning right round, right round.

As a sexy singleton, I am always looking for ways to spice up my sex life, either flying solo or when three's a crowd. Thankfully, the incredible team at Adulttoymegastore are always on hand with an array of magical treasures to ensure my needs are met. On this particular occasion, it was the Pipedream Exteme Toyz Rechargeable Roto-bator Ass which came (pardon the pun) to the rescue!


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Adulttoymegastore Pipedream Extreme Toyz Rechargeable Roto-Bator Ass

Discreet Packaging

My ATMS delivery arrived in discreet r3pack packaging - perfect for having it sent to office or home, no matter who's around! (NB: I ordered a few things, hence the large parcel)


After a long day in the office, I arrived home wanting to unwind and blow off some steam. Usually, I would hop on the apps and see who was close by, but I really didn't want the fuss of having to prepare and/or see another person. What did I spy on my nightstand? Nothing but the Pipedream Extreme Rechargeable Roto-bator Ass, standing tall in all it's champagne gold glory, ready to be taken for a ride. Queue sex playlist to get me in the mood...

At first glance the Robo-bator looks like the handle of Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber (and let me tell you, the force is strong in this one). I unscrew the cap to reveal the gaping silicone hole, reminding of that one time I got home from Propaganda. As my sex music playlist swells, I find a comfortable position and eagerly prepare myself for what I imagine is going to be a journey to an orgasm far, far away.


I start off manually, with just me ol' palm and some water-based lube (water-based lube works best with silicone toys, as silicone binds to itself and the toy will start to melt away) to get things ready for action. A few moments pass and the Roto-bator's gaping hole is beckoning me to hyper space. After squeezing a generous amount of lube into the shaft of the Roto-bator, I slide it down onto me. Ready for action.


I am surprised at how light the device is and its generous cavity for insertion. The product dimensions measure 8.58in (!) for girth and a length of 9.25in, so it's perfect for a diverse range of dicks! This toy is great for all cocks, whether or not your foreskin is intact. Just ensure you use plenty of lube, and if you have a foreskin, be sure to retract prior to entry.


My first impression is that it doesn't feel like a butt, with its textured internal cock sheath, but I'm always down to try something new. At this point, the music starts to trance, so I think it's time to give this thing a whirl.

Music for sexytime

Tunes to get you in the mood!

For the Gays Circuit vibes Something a little more chill "The Ultimate Sex Playlist"

Immediately, I am transported from the Death Star to Studio 54. I believe it was Lady Gaga who said "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick", well in this case, the disco stick was riding me. As soon as the Roto-bator starts roto-tating, I encounter sensations unlike any I've ever had before. This a full sensory experience. My dick is lit up like Soul Train and feels like it is going through a sloppy, squelchy car wash. The closest feeling I can describe would be that of a soggy handjob.

With nine different rotation patters, the ability to change speed and shift direction, it feels like there are infinite choreographic options for this disco dick device. 


Visions of lovers from yesteryear flash before my eyes, threesomes, orgies, intimate moments, kinky, mild - my imagination is ignited! Who needs a circuit party, when you've got your own right in the palm of your hand?! This is all very exciting, I dim the lights further to enhance the dance between visual sensation and sexual stimulation (highly recommend).

I believe it was Lady Gaga who said "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick", well in this case, the disco stick was riding me.

My fantasies coerce me to go deeper. As I do, the Roto-Bator slows, gripping tighter. It's a power play now - I'm in control, and the Roto-Bator is my sub. Is the Roto-Bator choking on my dick? Have I overwhelmed the motor? I release the pressure and allow the Roto-Bator to return to its high speed whirring.


As I do this, I notice how well having music playing complements the use of this toy; the visual and physical stimulation of the toy are great, but the motor does makes a sound which doesn't vibe with the fantasies in my head. Just personal preference, some may enjoy the subtle whirring of making the Roto-Bator work for its load.

The Roto-Bator slows, gripping tighter. It's a power play now - I'm in control, and the Roto-Bator is my sub.

A good 20-30 mins of doing The Loco-motion (thanks, Kylie!) has me all worked up. The Roto-bator is the perfect toy for those out there who love to edge! The sensation is simultaneously subtle, yet powerful; it's more of an endurance race than a sprint.


The Roto-bator has a closed sheath, conducive for internal ejaculation. So, if you're on the hunt for an intense inter-galactic, disco-rific orgasm, this is the toy for you! I pull the Roto-bator up the shaft, so that the textured sleeve is circumnavigating the head of my dick at a rapid speed. Round, round, baby round, round, spinning out on me a la the Sugababes, I'm on edge of glory and it's the final countdown (CUE MUSIC).


As I cum inside the Roto-bator, I let it continue rotating. This not only amplifies my orgasm, but, by changing the speed and rotation, I prolong my orgasm! After the disco lights stop spinning, the clean up is so simple, the base completely twists off to access the inner shaft.


You can turn this inside out and wash with warm soapy water to ensure you wash out any lube or cum that is left in the sleeve (be sure to keep the electronic part away from water). Once the Roto-bator is dry and spick and span, I plug it in to charge, ready for another intergalactic jive to Planet Orgasm!


Edging is the sexual practice of getting seconds away from orgasm, and stopping the stimulation to control the orgasm. It strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and intensifies the eventual orgasm experience.

Reference: Urban Dictionary (Edging)

Cleaning your sex toys

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  • Lightweight

  • Can fit a diverse range of dick sizes

  • Chic outer-case design

  • Fun Light-up disco lights for an enhanced sensory experience

  • Nine various rotating functions to switch through depending on your needs

  • Easy to clean

  • Battery lasts for up to 1.5 hours on full charge

  • Fantastic toy for edging

  • Prolongs and amplifies orgasm when used while ejaculating



  • Constant whirring sound

  • Slows down if you fuck it too deep

  • Takes two hours to fully charge

  • If you're looking for life-like ass, this is not a life-like ass.

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All-in-all, this PipeDream is one that truly becomes a reality.

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